Kazuhito Ando

Manager, Fintech Association of Japan

Joined Moshi Moshi Hotline, Inc. in 1995 (now AltiusLink Corporation). After gaining experience in operation center construction and operation management in banking, securities, and telecommunications, he was involved in many operations in the financial sector, such as designing office procedures for record-related operation management organizations for defined contribution pension plans and operation center manager after the enforcement of the law. 2008 Joined Seven Bank, Ltd. He was in charge of AML office construction and operation management for foreign exchange correspondence in response to the relief law and overseas remittance business. In 2017, he joined TMJ, Inc. He has served as the General Manager of the Strategic Promotion Department, the General Manager of the Internal Office Reform Project, and the Deputy General Manager of the DX Promotion Department, and is currently the Special Assignment General Manager of the company’s Financial Business Division, promoting new financial-related business planning.