【Global Partnership】Fintech Association of Japan concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NCE Finance Innovation

Fintech Association of Japan (Chuo City, Tokyo. Representative Directors: Takashi Okita / Yasuhiro Kimura / Takeshi Kito) concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NCE Finance Innovation on July 4, 2021. We will offer mutual support for the improvement of the Fintech ecosystem.

Ms. Rea Parashar (Head of Innovation & Comms.) and Mr. Takeshi Kito (Vice-Chair) signed the MOU

About NCE Finance Innovation

NCE Finance Innovation (NCE FI) is a non-profit fintech cluster which supports and facilitates the
development of the Norwegian FinTech industry. NCE FI facilitates technological innovation and
collaboration among the participants and stakeholders of the FinTech ecosystem in the Norwegian
FinTech ecosystem.

NCE FI is a member-based organization with its members representing the full range of stakeholders
in the FinTech industry from early-stage innovative companies to large financial players, academia,
investors, and service providers. As part of the Norwegian Governments national cluster-program,
NCE FI aims to contribute to value creation within fintech through sustainable innovation.